Jane Adam (CTA) (Psych)

UKCP Registered

077485 33297

0131 442 3695



Over the years  my interest in mental health includes studying the wide ranging effects of early stress on child development. More recently, how the digital world weaves into the physiological and psychological relational patterns of the dependant chid, where they may become more vulnerable to a range of later difficulties, such as; depression, anxiety, self harm, anti social behaviour, addictions or anorexia, as well as physical illness.


I hold one day Parenting workshops or small groups run over 6 consecutive weeks, individually tailored to suit parents or professionals and organisations involved in the welfare of children and young people.

I provide an educational programme on parenting and mental health, paying attention to the digital age of social media that adds an additional layer of complexity for parents/professionals and children to navigate.

The programme gives a good understanding of what promotes good mental health for children and young people in todays world. We look at the challenges for parents and professionals addressing how to parent and educate well to raise resilient children. The workshop and group sessions give an opportunity to learn, make comment and self reflect in a therapeutic setting.

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