Jane Adam (CTA) (Psych)

UKCP Registered

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Infant & Carer

This aspect of my work can involve infant and parent/carer attending together
Individual counselling pre and post natal

A new life can take us by surprise. The quality of a mother's life is shared with the foetus from the beginning. Good physical and mental health are therefore of key importance.

Pre and post natal

Pregnant women can experience huge anxiety as well as huge excitement. This ambivalence can be difficult to bear and the range of feelings and fears can be daunting. It can be helpful to have a confidential and private space to explore these feelings.


Infant & parent/carer

Do you fear that things are not going well between you and your baby and have concerns? I do an assessment and offer engaging work to help parent/carer and baby with any early difficulties that arise to help you find solutions to get onto the right path.


Early intervention is beneficial for babies future emotional development.


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