Jane Adam (CTA) (Psych)

UKCP Registered

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In small closed groups I provide a non-judgemental space to transform physical

and mental health as well as facilitate healing on a deeper level


Yoga & Psychotherapy

The practice of gentle yoga poses', chakra opening, meditation and therapeutic reflection can increase your physical, mental and emotional awareness. Discover layers of meaning as you acknowledge the language of your body and mind. Through self-exploration recognise the patterns you hold, what those patterns are trying to tell you and how they manifest in your physical, mental and emotional self.

 Find your truth

As you begin to understand the present and the hidden language of your body you open the door to start working at a deeper level. First you have to recognise the truth about yourself. We cover up our fears very well. In the group you can confront your fears as well as your potentials by balancing attention between your body and your mind to bring about personal resolution and self discovery.

What to expect 

In a safe supportive space you will begin to acknowledge and accept who you are as you are, complete with whatever is buried within you. In accepting what you find, you can begin your healing process. As your healing relationship develops you will recognise the role you play in your own state of wellness, what you need to do in order to become free of limitations and integrate the changes that take place.



Where and when

A new small group (6 people) runs for 9 weeks 

Start date: Friday April 22nd at 11am to 1pm

Venue: OMH Therapies, 1a Randolph Crescent, EH3 7TH

Cost: £35 per week - an upfront cost for block of 9 weeks is required.

This is a progressive group and given the nature of self-exploration, the group will be 'closed'. This means only the people in your group will be allowed to be in your group, therefore enabling any blocks and patterns to be released confidentially. After 9 weeks you will have the opportunity to choose to continue on your path to physical and emotional wholeness.


 Who is the group for

  • Anyone interested in understanding the relationship between their body and mind and how this relationship can have a direct effect on their state of physical and mental health.
  • Clients who have difficulty expressing themselves in talking therapies.

 If you would like to join this group, we will have an initial short meeting to asses if the group is right for you. For further enquiries, or if interested in future groups please contact me.

To make an appointment give me a call