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 The connection of

Yoga & Psychotherapy


We are beings with bodies and experiences that sometimes can be difficult to describe through language. Emotions and sensations often become embodied in physical experiences. We can block or struggle with powerful physical reactions and memories, such as evoked trauma, eating disorders, anxiety, depression or medical concerns. Physical and gentle yoga based work can assist with therapeutic goals that can help problematic reactions to our bodies, bodily functions and difficulties with relationships to self and others.


Yoga practice and Psychotherapy share many of the same aims, such as promoting health and creating cognitive behavioural and emotional change. They promote introspection, self awareness, self-acceptance and connection, and can help individuals cope with difficult experiences and mental states.


The combination of both practices can enhance "inner work". Both practices attempt to resolve body mind splits in order to promote a healthy integrated self and to be mindful of the present. Together they improve a sense and experience of connection with self, other and the environment. 


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