Jane Adam (CTA) (Psych)

UKCP Registered

077485 33297

0131 442 3695



Some clients are more comfortable going for a walk then sitting in a room. The stillness of nature for some can feel very grounding and therapeutic in my practice.

I work outdoors with individuals for the therapy hour, or longer sessions by negotiation. The therapy can take the form of simply walking and talking and/ or using more focussed awareness exercises. We may decide to sit in a particular spot for the entire therapy or vary our route a little from session to session. There is potential for flexibility where I am located, governed by client preference and the weather! 


All the traditional boundaries for effective psychotherapy will still apply, including mutually agreed focus for our work and agreements concerning confidentiality. The latter, particularly important, as we may encounter people whilst outside.

Psychotherapy outside builds upon our expereince of breathing, moving and being in the natural world; developing a pathway for understanding and making changes to our inner world. 


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