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Gathering the energy and resources to start psychotherapy for some is a big step and they may be eager to begin, others can be anxious and fear they will be unable to talk or know what to say. 

Silence is okay. Although for most of us an extended silence between two people can be uncomfortable, its something you can learn to become comfortable with in time, words will eventually find themselves. 

Strategies to help 'open up' 

  • Write down - One of the easiest ways to help overcome your fear or struggle to talk in therapy is to write down things that are important to you to talk about before the session. Or keep a 'therapy journal' of topics and difficult areas in life and bring it to the session and pick a topic.
  • Guidance - My role is to guide you in the therapy process. I won't give you the answers, but help you find your own way to those answers (with specific skills and techniques to help you understand better your interconnected moods and thoughts).
  • Reset expectations - Some people believe you need to go into your weekly therapy with a 'topic' to discuss. For some this maybe the case - for others, they may not know what to bring, or where to begin.  

The most important aspect of counselling is the development of a strong therapeutic relationship enabling you to open up freely, without fear of judgement. Its a valuable unique relationship that's to your benefit and personal growth.


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